Welcome to Roman Sandy

This web site is designed for children take on the role of the archaeologist, to look into Sandy’s Roman past. The web site is arranged as a quiz game, a series of challenges. Each must be completed before moving onto the next.

The site is aimed at Key Stage 2 in the National Curriculum. It takes about an hour to complete and when finished there is a certificate as well as further exercises to complete off line

Important Information
To use this web site to the full you will need the very latest Macromedia Shockwave plug-in. Click here to download the plug-in, or at anytime you can click on the blue button on the bottom left of this section. If you have a sound-card installed you will also be able to hear sounds on this website.

To enjoy the site to the full you should use the Full Screen option in your view menu

To start the web site, move to the next page where there are two options. Pupils can go straight into the quiz, taking on the role of Time Detectives whilst teaching staff from the Directors Chair, can explore something of the background to Roman Sandy and this web site. So that pupils can make notes as they go through the quiz we have provided a detectives sheet complete with useful headings. Print one now or use it as a basis for further work at the end.

If you have problems using this site or seeing the whole image go into the Directors Chair and click Help in the main menu. You can click the Back button to go back to the beginning of the stage you're currently viewing.


Click here to begin the Roman Sandy presentation.