The Roman Sandy website is based on the excavations that took place in Sandy between 1988 and 1991 and has been designed as an educational resource for pupils at Key Stage 2. It aims to provide an exciting and stimulating introduction to the use of archaeology as an historical resource as well as an opportunity to investigate the evidence for life in Roman Sandy nearly 2000 years ago.

The pupils site takes children through six different interactive activities which explore the use and interpretation of historical evidence and allows them the opportunity to put together a picture of Roman Sandy using a variety of sources and techniques.

The aim of these teacher's pages is to provide a more detailed picture of Roman Sandy which can then be used to support pupils work on the website. It also contains an explanation of each of the pupil stages, highlights the educational skills and concepts involved and provides a range of further information and links that could be used to help develop support and follow up work for pupils.

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© Photographic images of the excavations reproduced courtesy of Bedfordshire County Archaeology Service.