The Roman Sandy Quiz

Remembering what you've learnt on the computer section, go through these questions and tick the correct answer. When you've finished take it to your teacher.
(you cannot complete this online)

1. What were two reasons a Roman town was built at Sandy ?
a. there was a Roman posting station or mansio built there
b. Sandy was on a main Roman road
c. The Roman Army liked the name of Sandy


2. Many of the town houses in Sandy were built of ?
a. concrete walls and iron roof
b. wood walls and straw/thatched roof
c. brick walls and tile roof


3. The women of Roman Sandy wore two styles of dress. What were they ?
a. Roman dress
b. Native style
c. Animal skins


4. What fashion objects did people wear ?
a. Roman brooches
b. Spectacles
c. Digital watches


5. Which of these Roman gods or goddesses do we have evidence of at Roman Sandy ?
a. Jupiter
b. Minerva
c. Venus


6. We have gained most of our evidence for Roman Sandy from which sources ?
a. Television programmes
b. Books
c. Excavations by archaeologists


7. Which of these objects were grave goods buried with people when they died in Roman Sandy
a. Coins, bracelets, pots
b. Animal bones, flowers
c. Weapons and armour


8. Why are coins useful for archaeologists at Sandy ?
a. They are worth a lot of money
b. They have pictures on them
c. They can be used to date Roman Sandy


9. What was buried under the area of the cemetery in Sandy ?
a. A Roman fort
b. A Viking longboat
c. Part of a Roman small town


10. What is a posthole ?
a. A place where letters are posted.
b. An archaeologists tool used to excavate holes.
c. The remains of where a wooden building stood in the past.

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