The Story of Roman Sandy

Remembering what you've learnt on the computer section, fill in the missing words to complete this story of Roman Sandy. When you've finished take it to your teacher.
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Use these words to fill in the missing gaps.
animal bones cooking pots coins and pots archaeologists jewellery
Cemetery wooden mansio metal

Victory statue

Under the area of the __________________ in Sandy, archaeologists found the remains of the Roman town that once existed there.

Roman Sandy was built around a Roman ____________________, a sort of Roman post office on the Baldock to Godmanchester road. It was a small town, with mostly ____________ houses. In between the houses were small workshops, where the people who lived in Roman Sandy made ________________ objects.

The people in Roman Sandy were not Romans from Italy, they were local or native people who followed Roman fashions. Many of the people wore Roman style clothes and ______________________ and when they died they were buried in the Roman way with grave goods such as __________________________ .

We know what the people in Roman Sandy ate and how they stored and cooked their food because we have found ________________ and __________________ .

The people of Roman Sandy also worshipped Roman gods such as ________________________. There was a temple which had a large ________________________ inside. When the Romans left Britain in the early 400s, the Roman town of Sandy was gradually abandoned and the buildings fell into ruins. Over many years all signs of the Roman town disappeared from view. What was left became buried under the ground, where it was discovered many hundreds of years later by the ________________ .

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